We are currently hiring in the following departments:


SALES - minimum experience needed 1 year. This department requires to have excellent English and Romanian communication skills, must be able to fill out screening prospects documents and have excellent organizational skills.  These candidates need to screen Customer’s individual situation and close the Sale based on the guidelines set by our agency. Must report daily to Sales Manager. Need to be able to be trained quickly and be a good team player. Salary based on experience.


PROCESSING/FINANCIAL UNDERWRITTING - need candidates who have proven experience in financial and lending industry of minimum one year.  Positions require high levels of responsibility and accuracy in receiving, processing, underwriting and submitting specifically required documents.  Must prove excellent organizational and filling skills. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, Word, Works, QuickBooks Manager/Customer Tracking Data Base Program. This position requires “Time is of the essence” attitude. Need to be able to be trained quickly and to add value to the team.  Must report to the Department Manager. Salary based on experience.


CUSTOMER RELATIONS ASSOCIATES - minimum proven experience required 1 year.  Must be professional and clear in obtaining Customer Updates for Customers.  Must document all updates in Customer Files and on data base in the computer.  Must be very pleasant and explain The Customer what is needed (if any documentation is still needed for Customers files) to Customers, need to accurately inform the Customers about the stage of their files/cases. These employees will report to Department Manager. Must be able to be trained quickly and be part of the team. Requires to be fluent in both English and Romanian. Salary based on experience.


ACCOUNTING  - minimum proven experience required 1 year.  Accuracy and Integrity is a Must. Must have experience in all accounting areas (accounts receivables, accounts payables, profit & loss statements, balance sheets and payroll) The Accountant must report daily to Agency Owners and send/email daily reconciliation reports at end of each working day to Owners.  These candidates will be responsible for Customer Collection accounts as well.  Must be able to be trained quickly. Salary depends on experience.


PLEASE EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.