Tips for H1B Holders

  • Always keep a copy of your passport, and the I-94 tag with you. This is a legal requirement as per the INS.
  • If you are on a H-1B Visa, and you are moving to a new work location in a different state, then make sure that your employer has got a LCA for you, to work in the new location.

Check the status of H1 applications? Important Telephone Numbers:

How do you check the status of H1 applications ? Following are the INS telephone number to find out your H1 application approval status. In order to use this service you have to have the receipt number with you. This is the number you get, when INS acknowledge your application and assign a number to your application.In USA, there are 4 INS service centers, to handle H1B related applications.The first 3 character of your receipt, signifies the particular service center, where your application is being processed.For example application submitted to California state will have a receipt number starting with WAC.

Check online at USCIS website.

Call Toll Free : (800) 375 � 5283

** Use touch-tone phone for this service.

Commonly asked questions about H1 visa:

How Many H1 visa a person can have?

There is no limit for number of H1 Visa. One can have n number of H1-Visas.

What is H1 approval and what is a Visa? How many H1 approval a person can have?

H1 approval is the green paper (Form I-797). It is a approval for you to work legally for the company stated on this form. A person can have multiple H1 approval from various companies, but at a time visa can be stamped for any one company only. Visa is a permit to enter into any foreign country for a specific time limit.

H1B-Visa is stamped for company A and can a person work for company B?

Legally, no. unless have a H1 approved petition approved for company B.

Is H1B-Visa transfer possible?

Yes, the person has to be physically present in US for Visa transfer from company A to Company B. Your I-94 form and few pay stubs from company A are also required. Visa transfer doesn't gets affected by H1-cap as it is already issued, and is transferable. All you need is Company B, to take care of all the paper work for transfer of Visa. You need not to take the permission from Company A for it.

How long one can stay in USA, on H-1B visa?

On H1B visa, one can't stay for more than 6 years. If required to come again on H1B visa, then one has to stay outside USA, for atleast one year, before re-entering.You may be eligible for extension beyond 6 yrs if your green card process and your labor is pending for more then 365 days or you have applied for 485/AOS.

Is there a fast track for H1B application processing ?

Yes, your employer may file your H1 petition under Premium Processing. with extra 1000$ fee.

Can you start your company, while on an H-1B?

Yes, you can. But you can't form an S-Corporation. For that you have to be a citizen of USA. There are multiple ways of starting your own company, but one of the most effective one is by incorporating "Limited Liability Company" ( LLC ). You can find lots of companies on the net which can do this. They may charge you around 150-200$, and the procedure may take few days. LLC can be a "Partnership Firm" or the liability protection as a "Incorporated Company". You can be the Chairman or Director of the board, but you can't work for it, unless you have an H1 visa issued from that company. But, you can always hire a CEO for the company, who has a work permit (Green card or Citizen etc.). For more information about LLC's visit:

Finding out the status of your Visa H-1 extension, or any other pending issue with INS?

Call INS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 for all information.

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