Job Description :

The Clinic Supervisor is responsible for the management of all front office area operations. He/she trains, educates, coaches and disciplines staff as necessary and maintains Provider schedules according to projected business demands. He/she is responsible for responding to the special needs, problems and concerns of all patients and ensures access to patient care at all times.


Essential Function:
• Maintains highest quality of services for patient care.
• Ensures that patient scheduling and access standards are met.
• Acts as a working supervisor and fills in needed for front and back personnel.
• Orders office supplies and materials for front desk operations.
• Acts as a liaison between front office staff and clinicians.
• Ensures that billing is posted accurately on a daily basis.
• Maintains front office staff schedules under the approval of the Patient Services Manager.
• Reports daily productivity, no-show and walk-in rates to Patient Services Manager.
• Ensures that triage is handled promptly and with clinician input.
• Ensures that staff meet patient registration standards.
• Resolves staff conflict with staff and clinician input where appropriate.
• Sets the example through time and attendance record.
• Other duties as required.

Buffalo Grove ,Ilinois
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